• Annual Sports Meet will be held on 31st March,2023.
  • The New session begins from 3rd of April, 2023.
  • Parents are Guardians must buy NCERT books for the students.

Guide Line Public Schoool

Our Infrastructure

An imposing and impressing administrative block that houses the Director Chamber, Principal's office, Headmistress' office, the Account's room, office Executive's room, the Reception counter and the visitor's room. The Academic block houses 25 to 35 spacious class rooms which includes Primary and Kindergarten sections with modern comfortable furniture and green boards and all other state-of-the-art facilities. A beautiful and spacious Library with more than 2500 books, an Art and Craft Centre, a music room with a wide range of Indian and Western instruments, a Multimedia equipped Computer section with 20 computers a well equipped multipurpose hall. A tree-house and beautiful manicured lawns all around.


Moral qualities will be developed to form the character.


Our students shall learn to love their country and be true citizens.


It contains all types of books on various subjects

About Us


  • The prospectus that follows has been prepared to help you and your ward to understand our policies and practices concerning school matter. This is your copy. You should familiarize you with its contents and keep it handy as a referance source. Should you have any question or concerns, please direct them to the Principal.
  • Our belief is that excellence could only be achieved when both the school and parents work in partnership and are happy with the school home relationship. Either party may and should be able to terminate the relationship at any stage of time if either is dis-satisfied. Please accept our best wished for your child's success from our hard working and talented team.


  • The vision of Guide Line Public School is to develop self disciplined, self reliant, self responsible, confident courageous and sensitive students. In order to achieve this vision, every member of the school relentlessly with total dedication, commitment preservance.

Aim & Objectives

  • Attentive of excellence in teaching learning. Acquisition and application of knowledge and skills. Enhancement of values. Holistic education.
  • Equal opportunity for growth and development. Capital thinking and problem solving skills. Creative participation and contribution of fairness norms and co-operation, continually improve competitive of faculty and staff. Effective school home communication positive school climate. Promotion of peace, culture and unity. Social economic justice and development.


  • To be promoted into next class the student must have min. 80% attendance.
  • Continuous absence for a period of twenty days will be considered equivalent to withdrawal of the student and his name will be struck off the attendance register of the school
  • In case of absence due to medical reasons, a medical certificate issued by a registered doctor has to be submitted

School Rules and Regulations

  • Students should be regular in attendance, punctual diligent in their work and clean in their uniforms.
  • Parents/Guardians are not allowed to meet their wards or the teachers in classrooms during teaching period.
  • No student is allowed to leave the class or school campus without the permission of class teacher and the principal during the class hour
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect towards teachers, or bad moral influence justify dismissal from the school. Students coming late or without proper school uniform on any day will be fined and may not be allowed to attend their classes.
  • Every student is required to bring his/her diary to the school daily without fail. Any remarks or suggestions made by the teachers should be shown on the parents same day. Parents are required to undersign his remarks that they have read the same.
  • Sharp-edged instruments, cell phone, pen drives, CD, or money, more than fifty rupees is strictly barred to bring into the school premises.

From the Secretary's Desk